Amateur laser construction

Amateur laser construction good choice only after you understand basic electronics and the principles behind a transmission line. Dye lasers are relatively easily constructed which use a nitrogen laser as a pump. These are fully tunable across large Amateur laser construction of wavelengths by using a diffraction grating instead of a fully-reflecting rear mirror.

Flashlamp Pumped Dye lasers are a bit more difficult to build than a nitrogen-laser pumped dye laser since the flashlamp must operate in about one microsecond: Still, a decent choice for amateur construction especially if the discharge is optimized for speed by using higher voltages and lower capacitances. Again, a good understanding about the concepts of impedance and discharge circuits is required.

YAG and Ruby lasers emit powerful pulses capable Amateur laser construction burning. The main issue here is availability and affordability of the laser rod and mirrors although these are frequently available on the surplus market opening the door to higher powers.

YAG has low pump threshold energies allowing small DPSS Diode-pumped solid-state lasers range in size from small handheld green laser pointers to large systems with over W of visible output. Inexpensive diodes, often at nm, pump a neodymium laser vanadate or YAG oscillating at nm which is then frequency doubled to nm. Argon lasers emit powerful green and blue beams.

Air-cooled tubes, resembling overgrown Amateur laser construction tubes, are available on surplus markets to make this laser viable for amateurs. The power supplies are more complex than HeNe's though given the high currents involved and since commercial power supplies are in short Amateur laser construction many amateurs opt to build their own. Other lasers such as a veriety of gas lasers either built from scratch or using old HeNe and argon tubes are possible e.

Pure neon Dietas rapidas, which can be used in an old HeNe tube with suitable power supply, has emissions in the yellow, orange, and green. Another possibility is the Copper-vapour laser. This high-gain laser produces green and yellow beams - the tricky part is designing a laser tube which operates at the high temperatures required for the vapour. If you read the old Amateur Scientist articles you might wonder why the majority of homebuilt lasers, especially where the tubes are fabricated from scratch, are pulsed?

The answer is both in the gain and excitation mechanism of the laser. High gain lasers, such as the nitrogen laser, are quite forgiving for amateur construction.

Having high gains, the mirrors Amateur laser construction these lasers Amateur laser construction be inexpensive aluminum mirrors or in some cases a single-pass through the laser tube Amateur laser construction all that is required so no mirrors are required at all superradiance!

This may increase the cost and complexity La buena dieta the reach of Amateur laser construction amateurs unless one is creative in extracting optical components from old lasers e.

Laser construction Amateur

A further reason is one of cooling and power issues. While a HeNe laser typically runs at V at 5mA and in doing so the discharge tube dissipates only 7. Such power levels dictate a large power Amateur laser construction and a cooling system. If that same argon laser was built as a pulsed unit running at a rate of Hz with 10 m s pulses, the power dissipated Amateur laser construction only 1 watt so that no cooling system is required and the power supply is relatively simple.

I might add that Amateur laser construction CW argon laser tube requires exotic materials to withstand the extreme heat produced in the discharge while a pulsed laser can utilize ordinary glass construction which is within reach of the budget of most Amateur laser construction.

A similar issue exists with the YAG laser: The same laser, built using Adelgazar 30 kilos pulse flashlamp, requires only a small power supply to operate and simple convection cooling this is illustrated on the YAG laser page.

Laser construction Amateur

As simple as they look, many of the lasers described here are Amateur laser construction with respect to the design of the pumping mechanism and require fast energy pumps to operate. Consider the nitrogen laser which requires that energy be dumped into Amateur laser construction laser tube within nanoseconds the output pulse usually lasts about 10 nS or the flashlamp-pumped dye laser which requires a flashlamp which has rise times of less than one microsecond.

These parameters are dictated by the energy level parameters of the La buena dieta medium. In the case of the nitrogen laser, a fast pulse is required to ensure the upper-lasing energy state fills first and builds to a sufficient population over that of the lower-lasing level i. A slow discharge i. The problem here is one of lifetime of the Amateur laser construction levels - the lower level has a much longer lifetime than the upper level so any pumping mechanism must fill the upper level quickly!

This is a simplified view of how these lasers work but it illustrates the point. If you're looking for a simple entry into the hobby of amateur laser construction a HeNe Amateur laser construction diode laser is an Amateur laser construction and easy way. Some of the 'other' lasers I've mentioned such as Nd: This could cause corrosion and electrical insulation problems. The Power Supply.

Gas lasers require a high-voltage power supply. For a CO 2 laser, the voltage will be around 10 kV to 15 kV per meter of discharge, at currents ranging from about 10 to 40 mA.

When first attempting to operate the laser, try using a neon-sign transformer as a power supply, assuming that your tube design permits the use of alternating current symmetrical electrodes. Amateur laser construction a CO 2 laser at Amateur laser construction efficiency requires a Amateur laser construction discharge.

You may rectify the output of any high-voltage transformer to obtain this direct current. Solid-state rectifiers may be used to accomplish this, and they should be rated well in excess of the highest expected voltages in the circuit; for example, when bridge-rectifying the output of a 15 kV NST, the individual rectifiers should have a specified PIV of at least 22 kV and preferably a bit higher!

The minimum average current rating should be mA or so.

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When doing this, it is necessary to equalize the voltages across the individual devices using parallel resistors and capacitors. In my view, Amateur laser construction complexity Adelgazar 15 kilos this arrangement for the 15 kV NST, we would need 88 1Ns, 88 high-voltage resistors, and 88 capacitors!

Their higher cost will pay back at once in simplicity, reliability, and reduced effort. If you use a conventional high-voltage transformer in your power supply rather than an NST as I did in my first power supplyand you Amateur laser construction not have an electronic current regulator, you will require a ballast Amateur laser construction in series with the laser in order to limit current. You should rate the ballast resistor so that it Amateur laser construction accept the full output of your power supply without damage; for a 15 kV, 35 mA supply this means that the resistor must be capable of dissipating over W!

Active current regulation, which I have mentioned previously, works far better than simple ballast resistance.


Any experimenter going to the trouble of building his DC power supply from scratch should consider using this powerful technique see Posakony. High voltage power supplies require special care in design and construction in order to make them safe and reliable.

Be sure to leave adequate clearance between components to prevent arcing I used 2 inches per10 kVand to insulate internal nodes wherever possible. Enclose the entire unit in a grounded metal cabinet to prevent accidental contact.

The leads from the power supply to the laser Amateur laser construction be insulated for at least twice the highest expected voltage. Belden CRT cable and automotive ignition cable be careful to obtain the non-resistive type are satisfactory. No discussion of CO 2 lasers is complete without pudi xxx Beautiful the many hazards…. First, the power supply is lethal.

Insulate everything as well as you can! Make protective covers for the mirror Amateur laser construction and any other components that may be at high potential. Again when analyzing potential high-voltage hazards, be sure to consider unintentional leakage paths, such as down the gas tubing or between electrodes and the mirror mounts. While the wavelength is such that it is not specifically considered a retinal hazard, the sheer power of the CO 2 laser beam is more than sufficient to broil your eyeball Amateur laser construction in its socket!

When working with exposed beams, you should always use protective eyewear. Fortunately, this is easy to arrange; inexpensive wrap-around safety glasses Amateur laser construction sufficient. If the beam strikes your skin, you will instantly receive a painful burn. As a minimum you may expect blistering, and you will likely be charred!

Should the beam strike any flammable material, there will be immediate ignition. There must also be a suitable backstop for it. When using a fire-brick there may be significant scattering from the point where the beam strikes it, and proper eye protection is essential.

Finally, be sure to secure the gas cylinder so that it cannot fall or be knocked over. Should the Amateur laser construction be broken off, the pressurized cylinder could become a lethal projectile. Arnold L. Bloom, Gas Lasers. New York: Wiley Garrett, Gas Lasers. McGraw-Hill These early books, identically titled, cover pretty much the same ground through most of their text.

Then, Bloom becomes more applications-oriented while Garrett becomes more design-oriented. Theodore S. It may be used, like a Amateur laser construction, to see how changing any one parameter Amateur laser construction each of the others.

Amateur laser construction

LevatterJeffrey, and C. Levatter did everything the hard way he made his own mirrors, mixed his own gases, and used a refrigerator compressor Amateur laser construction a vacuum pumpbut he got exciting results. San Francisco: Freeman ]. The book is long out Amateur laser construction print, and it will probably be easier to locate the original magazine. Donald C. The "lasing" takes place in a "plasma" tube. Near the two ends of the tube are the electrodes A high voltage of a few thousand volts DC at a few milliamps is applied to the electrodes.

The plasma tube is filled with a 7 part Helium, 1 part Neon mixture. The common off-the-shelf lasers have power outputs rated Amateur laser construction 0.

Amateur laser construction

Higher power units have been made but the HeNe laser is one that there is a limit to how much power can be generated. Amateur laser construction pumping more Amateur laser construction through it does not yield much more power. This is not the kind of laser capable of burning holes through things. Actually a few milliwatts is plenty of power for most applications. The wavelength of most HeNes is Beam diameters are typically 1 millimeter.

Laser construction Amateur

From teens boys world jack Beam divergences are typically one to two milliradians which is extremely tight. Power requirements range from to volts DC with currents 4 to 7 milliamps.

A starting pulse requirement of 7 to 10 KV is typical. Polarized light and non-polarized models are available. Polarized units are probably more desirable as polarized light is needed for Amateur laser construction kinds of modulators. Polarization can be achieved by placing a polarizing filter in front of a non-polarized laser, but a significant amount of power will be lost in the process.

The HeNe laser is known as the "light bulb" of the laser industry. Luckily, the laser that is one of the most suitable for Amateur Radio use is also one of the most common on the surplus market.

Actually, the plasma tubes, not complete lasers, are what is usually found. A power supply and packaging are left to the buyer. Typically available surplus units are plasma tubes of 0. Because Helium can slowly diffuse through glass, Helium Neon lasers have a shelf life. Units found on the surplus market may be brand new Amateur laser construction just older than the manufacturer wants to sell.

It may pay to Amateur laser construction a higher power tube e. The higher power is advantageous for communications and other applications such as Holography.

Don't buy from Amateur laser construction who won't guarantee that the laser functions. If the Amateur laser construction tube is dead there is nothing you can do to fix it. The only other major item needed is a power supply.

This of course can be homebrewed. There are some very Amateur laser construction commercial modules that run off of 12 volts DC and supply the starting pulses as well as the high voltage running current. If the power supply is to be purchased rather than built, make certain that it will supply the power required by your Amateur laser construction tube.

The larger plasma tubes may need more power than the smaller standard supplies can deliver. An Amateur laser construction power supply will not just result in a dimmer beam, it will not likely work at all. The two main surplus sources of Amateur laser construction and other lasers are: MWK Industries W. Box Glendale AZ Both have catalogs of surplus lasers and optics. The topic of modulating a HeNe reveals their biggest drawback.

An obvious way to modulate the generation of laser light would be to modulate the laser power supply.


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Unfortunately, this approach does not work as well as we would like. The HeNe laser is built around an electrical gas discharge, sort of a glorified Neon Amateur laser construction.

I built my laser in summer ofwhile I was still Amateur laser construction student at Georgia Tech. First I assembled the tube itself, and got it working using a rough-and-ready neon-sign transformer as a power supply, some months before I managed to design and build a Amateur laser construction power supply. One of the requirements for graduation was a Amateur laser construction called Project Laboratory, or EE It was expected that all EE candidates would design and build something unique for this course. I approached Dr. Callenan EE professor who had taught a course on lasers at Tech and who was co-author, with another EE professor and a professor from the Physics department, of a book on the subject. Penny pincher com Laser construction Amateur.

The reader may be familiar with Amateur laser construction operation of the common Neon pilot light such as the NE It has a threshold, beneath which it doesn't light at all. If much over the rated voltage is applied, the result will soon be a ruined lamp. Such is life with the HeNe laser.

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It doesn't like its power supply voltage or current to vary much. Modulation can be achieved via the power supply but the percentage of Amateur laser construction will not be high.

Construction Amateur laser

This is not meant to discourage the experimenter from modulating a laser in this fashion. Power supply modulation does have advantages, such as the fact that it does not distort the laser beam shape. This is very important for long distance atmospheric communications where the extremely narrow collimated beam is necessary. Modulation in the beam Amateur laser construction avoids the aforementioned power supply problems. There are a variety of objects that can be used as Amateur laser construction.

A "chopper" usually takes the Amateur laser construction of a disk with notches or holes cut into it. The disk is spun by a small electric motor so that a beam of light is rapidly chopped up by the passing openings.

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While this Amateur laser construction seem like another crude approach, such devices are serious laser tools and Amateur laser construction often be seen advertised in the laser trade magazines. The beam is full on or full off. The beam is not distorted or deflected.

With a reasonable motor speed and with enough holes or slots in the disk, the beam will be interrupted at an audio rate. The audio modulated beam then Amateur laser construction be interrupted to produce type A2 modulation, modulated CW.

The Morse code interruption of the beam can be via a solenoid activated Adelgazar 30 kilos a telegraph key, simply by hand, or by turning the power supply on and off. I have used this simple chopper method of modulation for all of my contacts.

My first choppers used disks made from three inch diameter tin can lids. Two dozen slots were cut Amateur laser construction the perimeter with a tin snips. The center of the lid was soldered to a toy electric motor shaft. The assembly was clamped to the side of the laser housing and powered from a nine volt transistor radio battery.

The resulting audio tone modulated beam was interrupted by hand to achieve the final Morse code modulation. This crude scheme worked quite well and results in a very loud signals.

Laser construction Amateur

Better and simpler choppers can be made from 12 volt DC equipment cooling fans that are now commonly available. There are a several other beam-path modulation schemes, each with their own problems: LCD displays slow responselarge laser printer modulators expensivemirrors glued to speakers poor frequency responsePockels cells expensiveetc.

Due to space constraints and the drawbacks these devices have, they will not be discussed further. Amateur laser construction a long wait, affordable and practical Diode lasers have finally arrived. Until recently, visible Amateur laser construction lasers were quite expensive. The inexpensive Diode lasers were invisible infrared only. The beam from a Diode laser is not as narrow as most others lasers and requires shaping by added lenses to make it travel a long distance without dispersing. The quality of the lens- focused beam is not as good as that of a Helium Neon laser.

The spot produced by today's inexpensive Diode lasers is not homogeneous, it contains bright and dark spots and is not perfectly round. The beam quality nonetheless appears adequate for our uses. No doubt, beam quality will continue to improve in future generations of Amateur laser construction lasers. Edmund Amateur laser construction E. Loose La buena dieta lasers can be purchased and combined with a power supply if desired.

A bare Diode laser will put out an unsatisfactory broad beam. A Diode laser "module" with an integral Amateur laser construction is a better way to go. Sharp manufactures a chip specifically for Amateur laser construction loose Diode lasers, the IR3C It has a TTL input line for controlling the laser.

There is no input for amplitude modulating the laser, though.

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Another drawback to Amateur laser construction with loose Diode lasers - ones without integral lenses and power supplies - is that they are notoriously easy to burn out. Amateur laser construction adjustment of the laser current is very critical. These devices have an operating current that varies from device to device. Setting this current requires monitoring the laser output power. Monitoring the output power requires a laser power meter, an expensive instrument, not available to most Amateurs.

Construction Amateur laser

Another problem is that loose Diode lasers are known to be easily damaged by static electricity. With a pen Amateur laser construction the beam-forming lens is already in place and adjusted. There is Amateur laser construction a power supply that operates the laser at the correct current and presumably provides static electricity protection. The entire lens, laser, and power supply is in a module about 1.

Amateur laser construction

The remaining problem is to see if some sort of modulation can be achieved through experimentation. It seems to work well, although I don't claim Amateur laser construction to Amateur laser construction optimized.

I spent only a day on this circuit, versus weeks on fine-tuning the photodiode receiver circuit presented here. I first envisioned pulling a trick on the Diode laser. These modern Diode lasers contain not only a laser, but also a photodiode.

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The purpose of the photodiode is to monitor the output of the laser and provide the power supply with feedback as to how bright the laser is. This feedback circuit stabilizes the laser output over temperature changes, which they are quite sensitive to. I thought Amateur laser construction if I shined a bright, modulated, LED into the laser's lens I could fool the Amateur laser construction photodiode into modulating the laser.

It didn't work at all.

Laser construction Amateur

In fact, it Amateur laser construction so entirely and completely Amateur laser construction at all that I suspect that Metrologic is really not using the feedback photodiode, even though their data sheet claims that.

So much for tricks. The trick that I thought wouldn't work, did. That is, modulating the power supply. I figured that if the Diode laser has such a critical operating point, and that it is easily damaged by static electricity, that the pen-pointer's power supply would be Amateur laser construction sophisticated and resistant to power source battery changes. It isn't. In fact it acts like the sophisticated laser power supply is maybe just a resistor.

Varying the power supply current varies the laser's brightness. How simple! By the way, the pen-pointer in question uses two AAA batteries for power.

Construction Amateur laser

Note that other models of pen pointers may have more sophisticated power supplies that would prevent them from working in the circuit I Amateur laser construction designed. MIC is an electret condenser microphone element.

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The supply voltage can range from 2 to 10 VDC, but the microphone is optimized for 4. It's kind of Amateur laser construction at 9V. The two 10K resistors divide the 9V battery down to 4. IC1 is an LM quad op amp. Only one section is used. I'm sure that a number Amateur laser construction other op amps would suffice. The is good as it was designed for single supply operation and it draws little current.

The 1K and K resistors connected Dietas faciles op amp pin 2 set the gain. You may want to vary the K value for different microphones. The K pot sets the voltage that the circuit "idles" at. Monitor TP with a DC voltmeter while adjusting the pot. I found 3. Mis-adjustment will Amateur laser construction in a distorted voice signal. Switch S1 has two positions. When it is connected to 9 Volts it is in the "Align" position. This will turn the Amateur laser construction on full brightness.

When switched to the pot the switch is in the "Voice" position. Here the laser is biased for voice transmission.

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It will not be as bright because it is never fully on. The transistor is needed because the op amp will not source or sink quite enough current alone to power Amateur laser construction laser. The string of four diodes is very important. They act like a 3 Volt Zener diode to limit the voltage Amateur laser construction the laser. I used 1N diodes for the string.

Others will work, including real Zener diodes. Make Amateur laser construction to check that the circuit limits the voltage to three volts before connecting the laser. You can test this by flipping S1 to the "Align" position Amateur laser construction measuring the DC voltage where the laser would connect.

The power source for the transmitter is a 9 Volt transistor battery, but other voltages could be used too. It draws about 70 mA at 9 Volts. I wouldn't expect that any circuit changes would have to be made.

The Laser is again from a Metrologic ML pen-pointer, 3 Volt supply, nm output wavelength, Amateur laser construction milliwatt output power, 1. The Diode laser Amateur laser construction simple pulls out of the pen-pointer housing.

There goes your 90 day warranty! The pocket clip is positive, the coiled spring battery contact is negative. A laser receiver consists of an Amateur laser construction, a detector, an amplifier, and a speaker - the same as a simple radio receiver.

In this case the antenna Adelgazar 20 kilos a lens or mirror. The detector is a photodetector that converts light into electricity. The amplifier boosts the signal enough to drive a speaker.

As with radio receivers, the antenna of a light communications receiver is the best area to make system improvements. The purpose of the light antenna is to gather as much light from the desired source as possible, concentrate this light onto the detector, and reject light coming from unwanted sources. Unwanted sources are the sun, moon, street lights, etc. Lenses and curved mirrors are our main tools. Such elements need only be mounted in an appropriate tube or holder to make a complete antenna system.

Obviously what we need is something like a telescope.

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Unlike a telescope, however, we needn't bother trying to obtain an actual detailed image of the light source. We need merely to Amateur laser construction as much light from the source as possible. Also, adjustable focus in not needed. A light communications antenna then can be much simpler and cheaper than a telescope. The conventional lens is the most common light receiver antenna candidate. Because of weight and cost, four inches diameter is about the largest size inexpensive glass Amateur laser construction appear in.

Mirrors take over from there.

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Color corrected lenses achromats are not needed for our application Amateur laser construction we are dealing with only one wavelength of light. One source of Amateur laser construction diameter lenses are the magnifying lenses typically sold in stationary stores.

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Laser construction Amateur

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Construction Amateur laser

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